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Day one customer rewards

Burn e-liquids, not money

No sign up necessary.

No hidden catches.

No point collecting.


Here at Scott’s, we think reward points are, well… “pointless”. We all used reward cards, be it your weekly food shop or while grabbing your favourite Strawberry & Acai fresh drink, but to us, spending £100.00+ & collecting a stream of never-ending points to get £5 off isn’t all that rewarding. That’s why our vape deals offer huge discounts for every customer, on every order, be it your 1st or 30th.

As well as reward points, we also hate spam, waiting for email confirmations & having to search the entire tinternet for coupons. That’s why we automatically add the discounts to your shopping cart, even if you’re checking out as a guest!


We understand balancing bills and other necessities come first, even more so with the impacts of COVID-19, that’s why we offer savings 365 days a year.


Do you offer Reward Points?

At Scott’s, we think reward pointless are, well… “pointless”. We’ve all used reward cards in the past, be it your weekly food shop or your favourite coffee shop, but to us, spending £100.00+ to get a measly £10 off isn’t all that rewarding. That’s why we offer huge discounts on every order, be it your 1st or your 20th.

Can I use all three offers together?

You certainly can, in fact, we dare you!

How long are these offers on for?

Today, tomorrow & forever!

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept All major card issuers, including Mastercard which is made possible from our payment gateway, Viva Wallet.

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Do i need to signup to access these offers?

While we recommend signing up for our newsletter to keep you informed on any future sales or new products, you can use any of our offers without ever signing up.