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Scotts has become one of the most reputable companies within the Vape Industry & for all the right reasons! Not only do we add vape freebies randomly to orders, but we also have a state of the art clean room & some of the best e-liquid mixologists in the vape industry! We might not be on every billboard or magazine cover, but there are empty Scotts bottles on every shelf across the UK & that's how we want it.

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Doughnut Dream 50ml

Glazed Raspberry Doughnut • 70VG/30PG • 50 Millilitres

DOUGHNUT DREAM 0MGJumping firmly onto doughnut train, Doughnut Dream is a first class bakery treat; ..


Pink Lemonade 50ml

Strawberry, Raspberry Lemonade • 70VG/30PG • 50 Millilitres

PINK LEMONADE 0MGFor the mouthwatering flavor of an old-fashioned Pink Lemonade like Grandma used to..


Cherry Tunes 50ml

Cherry Low Menthol • 70VG/30PG • 50 Millilitres

CHERRY TUNESBringing out the cherry head in you, our fresh picked cherry's and undertones of sweet e..


New York Brew 50ml

Coffee and Irish Creams • 70VG/30PG • 50 Millilitres

NEW YORK BREW 0MGCoffee connoisseurs take their coffee very, very seriously, Imagine freshly brewed ..


Berry Aid 50ml

Mixed Berry Lemonade • 70VG/30PG • 50 Millilitres

BERRY AID 0MGThe original lemonade love affair! A blast of mixed berry lemonade with a fresh fizzy f..


Grape Drank 50ml

Triple Grape Soda • 70VG/30PG • 50 Millilitres

GRAPE DRANK 0MGAs a soda flavour, there's nothing quite like grape. A great grape soda is pure ..


Strawberry Rhubarb 50ml

Rhubarb and Custard • 70VG/30PG • 50 Millilitres

STRAWBERRY RHUBARBFresh garden picked rhubarb combined with sweet ripe strawberries that get them ta..


Apple and Pear 50ml

Sour Apple and Pear • 70VG/30PG • 50 Millilitres

APPLE & PEAR 0MGLooking for that fruit fix? A slightly tangy tasting blend of red and green appl..


Blue Slush 50ml

Bubblegum and Mixed Berrys • 70VG/30PG • 50 Millilitres

BLUE SLUSH 0MGThe Blue Slush has become the notorious vape icon, you can’t go wrong with the iconic ..


Lemon Curd 50ml

Lemon Curd Tart • 70VG/30PG • 50 Millilitres

LEMON CURD 0MGLemon curd is a tangy, sweet, velvety cream that is almost like a citrus custard. It i..


Purple Rain 50ml

Blackcurrant Menthol • 70VG/30PG • 50 Millilitres

PURPLE RAIN 0MGA great blackcurrant liquid. A hint of menthol on the inhale with a lovely tone of bl..


Tropical Punch 50ml

Pineapple Zest and Lemon • 70VG/30PG • 50 Millilitres

TROPICAL PUNCH 0MGPunching everything out of its way. Tropical Punch is a blend of lemon, lime &..


Vanilla Custard 50ml

Vanilla and Custard • 70VG/30PG • 50 Millilitres

VANILLA CUSTARD 0MGFrom the creators of the award-winning Custard Cream, we bring you part two, the ..


Kiwi Menthol Mix 100ml

Kiwi Menthol • 70VG/30PG • 100 Millilitres

KIWI MENTHOL MIX 0MGCool Down with a mentholated version of your fruit favourite kiwi, a subtle mout..


Lychee Menthol Mix 100ml

Lychee Menthol • 70VG/30PG • 100 Millilitres

LYCHEE MENTHOL MIX 0MGThis blast of sweet lychee with a hit of cool menthol creates an explosion of ..