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Nicotine Shots

Looking to boost the nicotine content of your 0mg shortfill? We've got your back. Available as flavourless or with a dash of ice, simply mix your 10ml nicotine booster shots with a short fill e-liquid, to your desired nicotine strength.

Add two 18mg Nicotine Shots in our 100ml shortfills to create 120ml of 3mg e-liquid.

Cool Booster Shot
SKU: Flavourless

Our 0mg 100%VG Cool Shots are designed to add a cooling ice effect without modifying the overall nicotine content of your e-liquid. If you're looking to just boost the Nicotine Content without adding the ice effect, click here to view our Nicotine Shots...
Nicotine Shot
SKU: Flavourless

Head Shots are 100% VG & 99.9% pure nicotine booster shots, designed to be used with shortfill e-liquids. When mixed with a 0mg e-liquid shortfill they will increase the e-liquids overall nicotine content. For example, two 18mg 10ml nicotine shots added to 100ml of our 0mg e-liquid will give you..
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