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Nicotine Shot

Nicotine Shot

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Nicotine Shot

Nic Shot is the TPD Compliant way to mix your short fill bottles to your desired nicotine strengths. We recommend the following mixes: 1 x 18mg Headshots in 50ml of 0mg E-Liquid to achieve a 3MG & or, use 2 x 18mg Headshots in our 100mls of 0mg E-Liquid to also achieve a 3MG. This product is VG Based, 99.99% Pure USP/EP 18mg Nicotine Shot. This product has been tested to ensure we use only the highest quality when it comes to providing our customers with Nicotine.

  • 10ML/Millilitres.
  • VG <80% PG <20%.
  • 1.8% 18MG Nicotine Content.

    • £1.00