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100ml Shortfill e-liquids are underfilled bottles of e-liquid that do not contain nicotine. They have been designed to allow room for nicotine shots to be added, in order to boost nicotine content and volume. If you additional information or help, please give us a call on 0800 058 2517.

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Berry Aid

Berry Lemonade • 70VG/30PG • 100 Millilitres

BERRY AIDThe original lemonade love affair! A blast of mixed berry lemonade with a fresh fizzy finis..


Blue Raspberry Sour

Sour Blue Raspberry • 70VG/30PG • 100 Millilitres

BLUE RASPBERRYImagine lush fields of sweet blue raspberries, gleaming in the mid-morning dew, gently..


Cherry Tunes

Low Menthol Cherry • 70VG/30PG • 100 Millilitres

CHERRY TUNESBringing out the cherry head in you, our fresh picked cherry's and undertones of sweet e..


Custard Cream

Irish Cream and Biscuit • 70VG/30PG • 100 Millilitres

CUSTARD CREAMWhether you love them or hate them, this liquid is recognized as the king of custards. ..


Doughnut Dream

Raspberry Doughnut • 70VG/30PG • 100 Millilitres

DOUGHNUT DREAMJumping firmly onto doughnut train, Doughnut Dream is a first-class bakery treat; a su..


Grape Drank

Triple Grape Soda • 70VG/30PG • 100 Millilitres

GRAPE DRANKAs a soda flavor, there's nothing quite like grape. The grape soda is pure and sweet with..


Lemon Curd

Lemon Curd Tart • 70VG/30PG • 100 Millilitres

LEMON CURDLemon curd is a tangy, sweet, velvety cream that is almost like a citrus custard. It is in..


New York Brew

Coffee and Irish Creams • 70VG/30PG • 100 Millilitres

NEW YORK BREWCoffee connoisseurs take their coffee very, very seriously, Imagine freshly brewed espr..


Pink Lemonade

Raspberry Lemonade • 70VG/30PG • 100 Millilitres

PINK LEMONADEFor the mouthwatering flavor of an old-fashioned Pink Lemonade like Grandma used to mak..


Purple Rain

Blackcurrant Menthol • 70VG/30PG • 100 Millilitres

PURPLE RAINA great blackcurrant liquid. A hint of menthol on the inhale with a lovely tone of blackc..


Struhbarb and Custard

Rhubarb and Custard • 70VG/30PG • 100 Millilitres

STRUBARB & CUSTARDFresh garden picked rhubarb combined with sweet ripe strawberries that get the..


Vanilla Custard

Vanilla and Custard • 70VG/30PG • 100 Millilitres

VANILLA CUSTARDFrom the creators of the award-winning Custard Cream, we bring you part two, the Vani..


Kiwi Menthol

Kiwi Menthol • 70VG/30PG • 100 Millilitres

KIWI MENTHOLCool Down with a mentholated version of your fruit favourite kiwi, a subtle mouth-wateri..


Lychee Menthol

Lychee Menthol • 70VG/30PG • 100 Millilitres

LYCHEE MENTHOLThis blast of sweet lychee with a hit of cool menthol creates an explosion of fruity a..


Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade • 70VG/30PG • 100 Millilitres

ORANGE MARMALADEThis zingy but sweet tangerine marmalade preserve has been distilled into this sumpt..