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We pride ourselves on making unique complex flavour profiles and we never skimp on quality. Each flavour has undergone meticulous attention to ensure our flavours are spot on, whilst avoiding ingredients that are known to decrease coil life.

SKU: Blackcurrant Slush

A touch of ice on the inhale with a lovely tone of blackcurrant following it. A top choice for a flavourful all day vape that you will never get tired of...
SKU: Peach Lemonade Slush

Everybody loves a peach on the beach, right? The mellow sweetness of a ripened peach mixed with our bubbly cold lemonade base makes for an exceptional summer hit...
SKU: Rhubarb & Custard

A base of rich custard combined with the taste of tart yet sweet strawberry infused rhubarb for that authentic classic taste...
SKU: Vanilla Custard Cake

From the Custard chronicles, we bring you Part II. Rich velvety custard blended with fresh vanilla pods, forget the rest, this Vanilla Custard e-liquid is the best...
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