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Menthol E-Liquids

Menthol is a synthetic or natural substance that has cooling characteristics. With extensive use in medicine and food alike, its icy taste profile can be found in gum and many different high street candies. It is also the key ingredient in a number of our menthol e-liquids.

Brand: Co2 Info: Cherry Lemonade.

Cherriosity is an outstanding candied cherry base, containing an added fizz and a fres..
Brand: Twisted 12 Info: Cherry Menthol.

Bringing out the cherry head in you, our fresh-picked cherry's and undertones of sweet..
Brand: Co2 Info: Mango Lemonade.

This Orange and Mango is as juicy as they get, refreshingly fruity, candied juicy oran..
Brand: Twisted 12 Info: Blackcurrant Slush.

A touch of ice on the inhale with a lovely tone of blackcurrant following it. A top ch..
Brand: Co2 Info: Peach Lemonade.

Everybody loves a peach on the beach, right? The mellow sweetness of a ripened peach m..
Lychee Menthol
Brand: Tongue Twisters Info: Lychee Slush.

This blast of sweet lychee with a hit of cool menthol creates an explosion of fruity a..
Passion-fruit Menthol
Brand: Tongue Twisters Info: Passion Fruit Slush.

Take in the vibes of the Tongue Twister with this tropical fruit. Our delicious Passio..
Kiwi Menthol
Brand: Tongue Twisters Info: Kiwi Slush.

Cool Down with a mentholated version of your fruit favourite kiwi, a subtle mouth-wate..
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