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Dessert E-Liquids

For those with the sweetest of teeth; here you can find your beloved dessert in e-liquid form and all-day vape it without worrying about the extra calories! A win-win situation.
Brand: Twisted 12 Info: Custard Biscuit.

A smooth yet rich Irish cream combined with a sugary old school custard creates one of..
Brand: Twisted 12 Info: Custard and Cake.

We bring you part two, the Vanilla Custard. Rich velvety custard blended with fresh va..
Brand: Twisted 12 Info: Raspberry Doughnut.

Jumping firmly onto doughnut train, Doughnut Dream is a first-class bakery treat; a su..
Brand: Twisted 12 Info: Zesty Lemon.

Lemon curd is a tangy, sweet, velvety cream that is almost like a citrus custard and i..
Brand: Twisted 12 Info: Rhubarb and Custard.

A base of rich custard combined with the taste of tart yet sweet strawberry infused rh..
Strawberry Jam
Brand: Jam Info: Sugary Strawberry.

This sticky-sweet taste of Strawberry jam preserve has been distilled into this sumptu..
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