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Illegal THC Cartridges.

We have recently had a handful of customers asking us about the deaths that are being covered by news sites & media outlets across the globe. This tragic story comes from (US) Kansas, where Kansas health officials on Tuesday confirmed the state’s first vaping-linked death.



Incorrect information was reported!

In America, there have recently been many cases of people being hospitalized due to "vaping" and shortly after this, 5 fatalities. Unfortunately for vaping, what the media isn't broadcasting is that this particular event is down to vaping THC which is the chemical compound found in the marijuana plant that gets you high. This is an illegal substance in the United Kingdom but is widely legal in the US. The cause of these deaths is due to unsafe ingredients being added to these THC cartridges and then sold to unsuspecting customers.

What was in them?
It is known that these cartridges have been illegally imported into the United Kingdom, so we would like to make you aware of the potential dangers of vaping these THC cartridges and urge you not to vape anything with THC in, as you can see it is potentially life-threatening. It is being reported that one of many of the ingredients added to the THC cartridges was  Vitamin E. While Vitamin E is safe as a vitamin pill, inhaling this substance can trigger a complex case of pneumonia.


Health is our first priority!
Hopefully, this article shines some light onto the situation present in Kansas & puts your mind at rest. Afterall vaping e liquids are 95% safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. 



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