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Where's everybody gone?
Facebook is set to unveil a new user policy on Wednesday to restrict the sales and limit all content related to tobacco products, including the popular e-cigarettes and e-liquid which has quickly become a talking point for many publishing groups. The new policy will prohibit all content around private sales of tobacco products via the Facebook and Instagram social platform. All brands including Scotts Vapour Co have been given the option to restrict the content to adults 18 or older.

Who is affected?
Despite Facebook announcing they are "reaching out to group administrators to alert them of the changes" many vaping groups have said to been removed without notice and left many feeling deflated after spending years of building a community and accumulatively helping millions to make the switch from cigarettes to vaping.

How will this be monitored in the future?
It has been said that the company will use a combination of technology and human reports from our community to find and remove any content that violates our new policy.

Update from Facebook.
As spokeswomen told one facebook group owner...

As per the “Commerce Policies” - Posts may not promote the sale of tobacco products or tobacco paraphernalia, this includes Electronic cigarettes. Nevertheless, you are allowed to promote a discussion as long as you don’t sell or buy anything related to Electronic Cigarettes.

As long as you are encouraging a discussion that doesn't mention “sale, delivery or buy” among others, your group should be fine.

While you may not have woken up to your usual amount of notifications this morning, vaping is alive more than ever!

If you vape group has been effected, let us know!

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