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01 Oct Coronavirus & Vaping
Steven 0 5745
Over the past few weeks, COVID-19 has gained a lot of media coverage as it begins to spread. We would like to take this opportunity to share some vaping advice and simple practices to help you protect yourself and your e-cigarette & to try and combat..
06 Aug Vape Jargon
Steven 0 1318
Getting into vaping can mean learning a whole new language. but don’t let this affect or intimidate you. Truth is, most of it is not all that necessary to know if all you want to do is just vape and stay off the cigarettes. But you may want to get f..
06 Feb Illegal THC Cartridges
Steven 0 877
We have recently had a handful of customers asking us about the deaths that are being covered by news sites & media outlets across the globe. This tragic story comes from (US) Kansas, where Kansas health officials on Tuesday confirmed the state’s fir..
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