50ml Chubby Editions


Our signature Chubby Editions range has now been replaced via our Twisted Twelve range. Not only are the flavours even tastier! You get double the amount of e-liquid for an extra £3.00, so stock up on your favourite vape e liquids and save money at the same time, To give back to our awesome vape customers, we're offering a buy 3 get 1 free on all our Scotts 50ml e-liquids. Simply add 4 of the e-liquids below & let our checkout do the rest! All discounts will be displayed in green at the checkout process. 

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Banana Cream

Banana-split and Whipped Cream • 70VG/30PG • 50 Millilitres

BANANA CREAMBlended for dense, syrup-smooth vapour, this e-liquid is a perennial favourite..


Cereal Killer

Fruit Loops, Honey & Citrus • 70VG/30PG • 50 Millilitres

CEREAL KILLERCereally excellent flavours; Cereal Killer features sugared granola topped with fresh l..


Doughnut Dream

Glazed Raspberry Doughnut • 70VG/30PG • 50 Millilitres

DOUGHNUT DREAMJumping firmly onto doughnut train, Doughnut Dream is a first class bakery treat; a su..


Custard Cream

Irish Cream and Biscuit • 70VG/30PG • 50 Millilitres

CUSTARD CREAMWhether you love them or hate them, this liquid is recognized as the king of custards. ..


Pink Lemonade

Strawberry, Raspberry Lemonade • 70VG/30PG • 50 Millilitres

PINK LEMONADEFor the mouthwatering flavor of an old-fashioned Pink Lemonade like Grandma used to mak..


Cherry Tunes

Cherry Low Menthol • 70VG/30PG • 50 Millilitres

CHERRY TUNESBringing out the cherry head in you, our fresh picked cherry's and undertones of sweet e..


New York Brew

Coffee and Irish Creams • 70VG/30PG • 50 Millilitres

NEW YORK BREWCoffee connoisseurs take their coffee very, very seriously, Imagine freshly brewed espr..


Berry Aid

Mixed Berry Lemonade • 70VG/30PG • 50 Millilitres

BERRY AIDThe original lemonade love affair! A blast of mixed berry lemonade with a fresh fizzy finis..


Grape Drank

Triple Grape Soda • 70VG/30PG • 50 Millilitres

GRAPE DRANKAs a soda flavour, there's nothing quite like grape. A great grape soda is pure and sweet..


Strawberry Rhubarb

Rhubarb and Custard • 70VG/30PG • 50 Millilitres

STRAWBERRY RHUBARBFresh garden picked rhubarb combined with sweet ripe strawberries that get them ta..