Just like any gadget in your tech arsenal, e-cigarettes are not immune to the occasional hiccup or malfunction. When faced with such a situation, should you discard your vaping device and invest in a new one? Opting for a replacement outright might not only dent your wallet unnecessarily if the issue is minor but also contribute to the growing problem of electronic waste.

E-cigarettes, despite their array of components like the battery, processor, tank, mouthpiece, and sometimes a firing button with an LED indicator, are not overly complex devices. Therefore, when they malfunction, or if you’re unsure how to address a small glitch, fixing it yourself is often a practical choice, saving you the hassle of searching online for a new e-Cigarette..

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There you are, staring at your sleek new vape, a gadget that promised clouds of bliss straight out of the box, yet it sits unresponsive in your hand. “Why won’t this thing turn on?” you muse, a flicker of frustration mixed with curiosity. Did you remember to charge it? Ah, the quintessential rookie oversight! Remember, these modern marvels often arrive with just a whisper of charge, drained by their journey from factory to your fingertips.

Before you embark on your vaping voyage, give your device a full charge. This ritual varies from one mystical artifact to another, so consult the sacred scrolls—also known as the user manual—or the digital oracle at the manufacturer’s website for guidance. Some vapes spring to life within the hour, while others, thirsty for power, demand more patience.

And if you’re blessed with a spare battery, a gift from the vape gods to keep you puffing in peace, try swapping the slumbering cell. Should this rouse your device, then alas, the first battery may have journeyed to the great beyond. A word to the wise: resist the siren call to dissect the battery, for therein lies peril.

Lastly, cast a wary eye on the charging cable, a lifeline that might be guilty of treachery. Inspect it for signs of betrayal—frayed wires, loose connections. If a replacement cable, a knight in shining armor, revives your vape, a tale of woe becomes one of triumph. Share your saga with the vendor, and they shall bestow upon you a new cable, heralding a fresh start for your vaping adventures.

“If you’re still experiencing issues, please call us free on 0800 058 2517.”

Not Producing Vapor

If your cigarette isn’t producing vapor after turning it on and drawing on the device, several factors could be at play. Initially, ensure the battery has enough power to heat the e-liquid in the tank, facilitating the vaping process. The battery level, often indicated by an LED on your vape, can give you a quick insight. If the battery’s low, recharging it should resolve the issue. However, if the battery appears to have ample charge, your next step is to examine the tank to see if there’s enough e-liquid. Refill it if necessary.

Moving beyond the battery and e-liquid levels, another area to scrutinize is the connection between the tank and the device, including the coil within the tank. It’s crucial that all components are properly aligned and connected. Even minor build-ups of residue or dirt can impede performance. Regularly cleaning these connections with a cloth or cotton bud can help, especially since spillages during refills or general use can accumulate unnoticed, affecting the crucial connecting points of your vape.


Turning on a vape pen varies significantly depending on the design and model you have. For those wielding a draw-activated pen, the process is as effortless as drawing breath; simply inhale from the mouthpiece, and the device should come to life. Meanwhile, button-activated pens require a bit more interaction — a quick series of presses, typically three to five, depending on the pen’s specifications.

For those moments of uncertainty, the wisdom contained within the manufacturer’s instructions is invaluable. And should those words leave you puzzled, your local vape shop stands ready to illuminate the path, ensuring you embark on your vaping adventure with confidence, all while safeguarding both yourself and your device from harm.

Burnt or No Flavour

Venturing into the misty realms of vaping, one may occasionally stumble upon a vexing conundrum: the mysterious vanishing of flavor from the e-liquid, or, in more dire circumstances, an encounter with a distinctly unpleasant, burnt taste. Such predicaments often herald the depletion of your e-liquid reservoir, a clear summons for a replenishing of its essence. Particularly, a burnt offering from your device usually signifies that the coil, the heart of your vape, has been bereft of its life-giving e-liquid, leading it to scorch under the heat of its own power.

Amongst the pantheon of vaping phenomena, “vaper’s tongue” is a peculiar curse that can befall even the most intrepid of flavor adventurers. This affliction dulls the senses, rendering the once vibrant tapestry of tastes into a monochrome of mundanity. Should you find yourself ensnared by this spell, it may be wise to retreat momentarily from your quests of vapor, perhaps venturing into new flavor territories or laying down your arms altogether for a spell to allow your palate to recover its vigor. In the battle against vaper’s tongue, the elixir of life—water—emerges as your staunchest ally, for the vapors can sap the moisture from your mouth, leaving your senses stranded in a desert of tastelessness.

Confronted with these trials, the path of the home troubadour is fraught with opportunities for salvation, often enabling a swift return to the verdant valleys of vapor without much delay. Yet, should these challenges prove too formidable, the wise sages residing in the sanctuaries of vape shops stand ready to guide lost souls back to the path of enjoyment, ensuring that your voyage through the clouds is but briefly interrupted.

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