Disposable e-cigs, are a great way to transition away from smoking as they are convenient and easy to use. However, they are not the best option for those who want to vape long term. Luckily, there’s no shortage of vape kits available.


While we could spend forever and a day discussing the vast amount of kits available today, this article will focus on Pod Kits. Pod Kits are similar to that disposables, as they are aimed at Mouth to Lung vapers & are usually used with Nicotine Salts.

While we could spend forever and a day discussing the vast amount of kits available today, this article will focus on Pod Kits. Pod Kits are similar to that disposables, as they are aimed at Mouth to Lung vapers & are usually used with Nicotine Salts.

Oxva xlim mod kit

OXVA XLIM £21.99

The OXVA Xlim pod kit is an ergonomic alternative with a compact form that easily fits into your pocket. Its impressive 900mAh battery means you’ll be vaping any day, all day without the hassle of having to charge it every 4 hours.

The upgraded V2 cartridge is now highly leak-resistant and refills from the side, and the new 0.6Ω cartridge works great with freebase as well.

The Oxva Xlim features both a Manual mode that’s operated with the fire button and an Auto mode that works by simply taking a puff. Settings are displayed on a crystal-clear 0.42” OLED screen and a host of safety protections brings peace of mind to the Oxva Xlim kit. An adjustable airflow switch on the side of the Xlim lets you dial in to find your ideal draw, from tight and intense to light and airy.

Ease of use ★★★★★


Performance ★★★★★


Battery Life★★★★★

Uwell caliburn a2 500x500 1

CALIBURN A2 £23.99

The Caliburn A2 is a popular pod system e-cigarette developed by Uwell, a renowned brand in the vaping industry known for its high-quality vaping products. Launched as a successor to the original Caliburn, the A2 model brings forward several improvements and new features that enhance the vaping experience for users.

The Caliburn A2 features a sleek, compact, and user-friendly design, making it highly portable and easy to use. Its aluminum alloy body provides a lightweight yet durable build, with a comfortable feel in hand. The device is available in a variety of colors, catering to personal style preferences.

At the heart of the Caliburn A2’s performance is its advanced pod system. The device utilizes a 520mAh built-in battery, offering a balance between size and battery life. It supports fast charging via a USB Type-C port, significantly reducing downtime between charges.

Ease of use ★★★★★


Performance ★★★★★


Battery Life★★★☆☆

Aspire flexus pod kit


The Aspire Flexus is a notable entry into the competitive market of vaping devices, offering vapers an innovative solution that highlights flexibility, performance, and convenience. As a product of Aspire, a brand well-regarded for its commitment to quality and innovation in the vaping industry, the Flexus stands out for its features designed to cater to both novice and experienced users.

The Aspire Flexus showcases a sleek and ergonomic design, making it comfortable to hold and easy to carry. The device’s aesthetics are modern, with a selection of colors that appeal to a wide range of personal preferences. Its construction is a thoughtful balance of durability and lightweight, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of daily use while being unobtrusive.

Central to the Aspire Flexus’s appeal is its advanced performance capabilities. It is powered by a robust internal battery, which provides a balance between longevity and power output. The device supports fast charging technology, significantly reducing the time needed to recharge, thus keeping you vaping without long interruptions.

The Flexus utilizes a pod system that is designed for ease of use and versatility. The pods offer a convenient refill mechanism that minimizes leaks and simplifies the process of adding e-liquid. With an emphasis on flavor and vapor production, the device incorporates Aspire’s latest coil technology, ensuring each draw is packed with flavor and the desired throat hit.

Adjustable airflow is another standout feature of the Flexus, allowing users to customize their vaping experience according to their inhalation preference, from tight mouth-to-lung (MTL) draws to more open direct-to-lung (DTL) inhales.

Ease of use ★★★★☆


Performance ★★★★☆


Battery Life★★★★☆

In conclusion, the realm of vaping has evolved significantly, with pod kits emerging as a dominant force in the market. The transition from disposable e-cigs to more sustainable, cost-effective, and customizable pod systems represents a significant shift in how individuals approach vaping. The OXVA Xlim, Caliburn A2, and Aspire Flexus stand out as prime examples of innovation, offering a blend of convenience, performance, and style that caters to both beginners and seasoned vapers. These devices not only offer an accessible entry point for those looking to quit smoking but also provide a satisfying experience for long-term vapers seeking quality and reliability.

With features like adjustable airflow, fast charging, and enhanced coil technology, they underscore the industry’s commitment to improving the vaping experience. As the landscape continues to evolve, pod kits are undoubtedly leading the way, marking a new era in the pursuit of the perfect vape.

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