Disposable vapes are 5 times more costly

If your new to vaping your first introduction may have been with Disposable Vapes. Due to not having to buy a device, coil & battery, its undoubtedly the cheapest way to sample vaping, but the rise in popularity has only emphasised problems in the disposable market.


There are two main reasons these disposable cigarettes are getting so popular.

Pods or Disposables Vapes are being heavily marketed by the same companies that made regular cigarettes popular. Many disposables are owned by large tobacco companies meaning they have the money, influence and experience to know exactly how to market products.

Due to the pool of competition when it comes to disposable vapes, prices can vary but they usually look to be the most cost effective option. (Psttt. There not!)

Disposable vapes


With no variable wattage & lack of coil combos, disposables vapes offer a sub par vaping experience. Most disposable users ditch the disposable hype after trying a more sophisticated pod or tank system.

Disposable flavours only count for less than 1% of flavours available, meaning you’ll miss out on the weird and wonderful creations available on the market today.

Because they’re disposable, these pens don’t last beyond a few uses. their flimsy, their batteries are small and sometimes arrive part charged, and their housings are made from sometimes toxic, cheap and lightweight materials. When you compare them to a vape device, their are not even close.

When the battery expires, disposables are no longer usable as they can’t be recharged. This mean throwing the entire device into the trash and with brands using cheap & toxic materials, many are not recyclable.


Despite popular belief, it costs nearly 4x more to use a disposable vapes every day than a pod or other vape device.

ELF bar sales suggest 77% of vapers who use disposables, use one bar every two days. Each ELF bar is filled with 2ml of 2% Nicotine Salt & costs on average £4.99. Over 12 months, this would cost a mind blowing £910.00 for 720ml of ELF Flavoured Nicotine Salts.

On the other hand, for a high end pod system, in this case the Uwell Caliburn A2, a fresh coil every week, 800ml of e-liquid & 16 Nicotine Salt Shots, it would still only amount to £253.87.

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