Cancer Research has always been at the front when it comes to tobacco products, but vaping hasn’t had the backing we felt it deserved, until now. This thirty-minute documentary squashes the lies and highlights the brilliance of e-liquids & electronic cigarettes.

While Cancer Research has increased its investment in e-cigarette research, and part of this is concentrated on answering questions on the long-term impact of e-cigarette use. They also monitor global literature and trends to inform our position. Unfortunately, due to the torrent of negative statements vaping has received, from popcorn lung to exploding devices, millions of cigarette smokers are still opting to choose cigarettes and see switching to vaping as the lesser of two evils.

“Cigarette companies fund anti-vaping campaigns (Damage Control)”

“When you excavate the science, you’ll find there’s nothing there.”

“7/10 cancer patients are linked to smoking”

“4000+ new cases a year in the UK from smoking traditional tobacco products”


CRUK e-cigarette policy statement.
Electronic cigarette marketing: Current research and policy.
CAP consultation on the new rules on advertising e-cigarettes.
Our response to the Department of Health’s consultation.
Our response to the Scottish Government’s consultation.
The marketing of electronic cigarettes in the UK.
Tobacco harm reduction and nicotine containing products: research.

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